Index of writers(and works discussed)-நாடோடிமனம்-Brammarajan

books_002Index of writers and works discussed in Brammarajan’s Nadodi Manam
which is currently out of print

பிரம்மராஜன்- நாடோடிமனம்

1. ஃபிரான்ஸ் காஃப்கா
2. ஜோசப் ப்ராட்ஸ்கி-ஒரு இளம் கவிஞன் மீதான விசாரணை
3. டி.எஸ். எலியட்
4. பாரம்பரியமும் தனித்துவத் திறனும்- டி.எஸ். எலியட்
5. நான்கு குவார்ட்டெட்டுகள்- டி.எஸ். எலியட்
6. ஆக்டேவியோ பாஸ்-
7. கவிதையும் வரலாறும்- ஆக்டேவியோ பாஸ்
8. கவிதை உருவாக்கும் முறை-அமி லோவல்
9. பால் வெலரி
10. பால் வெலரியின் கவிதைக் கோட்பாடுகள்
11. மிராஸ்லாவ் ஹோலுப்
12. ஆந்தோனின் பார்த்துஸெக்
13. சேஸரே பவேஸே
14. சார்ல்ஸ் புக்கோவ்ஸ்கி
15. இவான் கோன்ச்சரோவ்
16. யாசுனாரி கவாபட்டா-தூங்கும் அழகிகளின் இல்லம்
17. காப்ரியல் கார்சியா மார்க்வெஸ்-
18. ஹெர்மேன் ஹெஸ்
19. ஆல்பெர் காம்யூ-
20. சாமுவெல் பெக்கட்-வாட் (Watt)
21. வில்லியம் ஃபாக்னர்-
22. அலெக்ஸாண்டர் சோல்ஸெனிட்ஸின்-கான்சர் வார்டு
23. ஆந்ரே ழீத்
24. பிரைமோ லெவி
25. ழீன் ஜெனே
26. ஹென்ரிக் ப்யோல்
27. சால்வடார் டாலி
28. கவிஞர்களும் காதலர்களும் பைத்தியக்காரர்களும்


Borges,Kafka, and persona non grata Jayamohan

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Borges,Kafka, and persona non grata Jayamohan

With today’s posts I am nearing completion of Borges’s stories. Apart from this, I have posted my original review of Borges’s much neglected book-The Book of Imaginary Beings. On the whole there are 20 stories and two essays. These selections have been made from almost all his different (published) collections. Apart from this I have also posted my introductory article on Borges’s poetry. This introduction should be treated as a companion piece to my general introduction to his life and works. I am yet to post two of his essays

1.The Wall and the Books 2.Partial Magic in the Quixote.

If I manage to post these two essays, soon the reader will almost have the full book of Borges’s stories which I published in print version in the year 2000.

Since I am not popular with publishers Borges’s stories continue to remain unavailable in print version since 2000. Go-getters achieve this with ease. Publishers are more keen on printing what is sensational and men writers do not get the same attention as the women writers. As I had always been telling, ‘I am not the loser’. Losers will be general readers who are really keen to read world’s modern classics. Especially those who can’t read directly from English.

This is a small aside:

Once Jayamohan said in Courtallam workshop: the “first names that time would erase will be Borges and Kafka”. Unfortunately he was totally ignorant about the existence of writers like James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Robert Musil and the like. But as everybody knows he is now wallowing in the slimy gutters of the cinema world. Jayamohan started as a sloppy translator of Malayalam poems in Subrabharathi Manian’s skimpy magazine called-Kanavu. In the early 1980s my friend Nirmalya (Mani) brought that issue(Kanavu) and made a comparative reading of both the Tamil rendering and the original Malayalam. Many lines were conveniently omitted from the original. Nirmalya was invited to write a review of Jayamohan’s pieces from Malalyalam poetry. Since Nirmalya insisted that he will expose those omissions the editor Subrabharathi Manian cut the correspondence at that point. I was editing Meetchi and Nirmalya has been contributing poems from Malayalam. Jayamohan doesn’t read from English originals. Whatever information he extracts, he does it from Malayalam magazines. Jayamohan is a failed poet who is still jealous about good poetry and poets. Please read some of his early poems I published in my magazine Meetchi in the 80s. At that time he was a ‘nobody’ in literature and was yet to be baptized by his guru Sura. I have never said even a ‘hello’ to him and never hope to do so. It was a coincidence-or accident?-that he lived opposite to my house(for 2 years) when I got transferred to Dharmapuri(from Ooty). Even during those years, when I ran into him in the street, I had never greeted once, since I knew his ‘worth’. Till today he remains a persona non grata to me.

Back to Borges. Among these compact classics 3 stories relate themselves to India: The Approach to Al’Mutasim, Man at the Threshold, and Immortals. Borges’s had fancy for thugs and paid killers. One who reads his Monk Eastman will realize how much he was fascinated by the American underworld. Rosendo’s Tale is about a South American underworld Don. You can also add The Intruder to the list. There is hardly any story about love. This is very strange in a great master story teller like Borges.